Eaten Alive By Sydney
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When the prospect of a shift to Sydney is raised, the doomsayers often rise as well. And they’re nasty! The manner of one’s demise is always different, but the result is always the same – …

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Understanding Sydney

You’re a supermodel among world cities, but do you have heart & soul beneath the glamour? Promise not to stalk you Sydney, but we’re keen to uncover the real you.

Settling In

Starting afresh in a big city isn’t easy, but we’ll share our experiences and provide insights to help fellow Newbies feel at home.

Awesome Attractions

Sydney has a wealth of attractions given its magnificent harbour, world renowned iconic structures and the facelift the city received to host the ‘best ever’ Olympic Games in 2000.

Exciting Events

Chill, indulge, party or experience. Whatever your passion, Sydney has you covered with exciting sporting, cultural and community events.

Deano’s Sport

Dean Knows Sport. He’s made a career out of his passion with full body immersion in rugby, cricket, rugby league, netball, basketball, motor racing and tennis. Now, if only he could get the Foxtel remote off the kids.

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Hand up if you think the Pacific is becoming more hostile. Other hand up if you believe swimming in the open ocean is foolhardy. Wiggle one of those hands if you reckon the mysterious sea still has secrets to reveal.

If one or other of your hands is in the air you’re going to be bowled over by Nowhere Atoll, the debut novel by Sydney-based Kiwi author Lachlan Fyne now available on and iBooks.

Nowhere Atoll tells the story of Coral Bier, a young oceanographer trying to impress her father by secretly setting out to discover why the Pacific Ocean has become so dangerous, wracked by violent earthquakes and tsunamis and plagued by an explosion in shark attacks and encounters with rare sea creatures.

The crusade quickly turns into a fight for survival as Coral’s ragtag crew of marine biology students find themselves in the middle of nature’s fury and the world’s third deepest trench coughs up terrifying aquatic adversaries.

Fyne has been shaping the content for almost a decade and has been astonished by how much of the fictional action has come true in that time – from frequent earthquakes in New Zealand and finding underwater super volcanoes in the Pacific through to the historic capture of a colossal squid and the discovery of more strange deep sea creatures in the Kermadec Trench where the story takes place.

“I’m not advocating a giant tsunami take out the Australian eastern seaboard as happens in the book – honestly – but when a whale sinks a boat or a colossal squid attacks a WaveRunner I’ll look like a modern-day Nostradamus,” Fyne said.

“I don’t want to make capital out of tragic events, but the content of Nowhere Atoll eerily echoes what is happening in the Pacific right now. If I’d been good enough to nail the first draft nine years ago – rather than taking four major re-writes to get to the final product – it would’ve been viewed as prophetic and publicised in the general media every time there was a tusnami, shark attack or some weird and wacky creature washed up on a beach.”

The former journalist and award-winning PR practitioner even had a sentence or two in the book about Richard Branson mounting an expedition to unravel the mysteries of the deep several years before the Virgin boss announced plans to do just that.

“Coulda, woulda, shoulda,” said the 47-year-old resident of leafy Lindfield on Sydney’s north shore. “It would have been nice to have gazumped that announcement, but the bottom line is that my Eco-Horror Quest Adventure is here now and it’s a rollicking ride.

“If you crave a good adventurous quest with plenty of twists, nods to apocalypticism and an evolving love triangle, plus a new breed of nasties…this book is better than a slap in the face with a Kraken tentacle.”

Fyne says his next task is to “generate some word of mouth on a zero budget” because buzz will be crucial in communicating the book’s quality and enjoyment quotient.

“If I can start the conversation I’m confident key target audiences will have fun engaging, posting thoughts and chat-rooming to keep that noise going – especially if real-life events mirror parts of the book on a semi-regular basis,” he said.

“The life and death situations our heroine and her team confront are freaky and unusual, but given the surprises the Pacific regularly throws up, they could easily be more fact than fiction. And that adds poignancy to the drama.

“The questions raised in this book affect all mankind given oceans cover more than two-thirds of the planet and global warming has the potential to raise water levels so much higher, threatening the billions of people who live in or near our coastal cities and ports.”

Fyne says he’s evaluating stunts to promote Nowhere Atoll but will draw the line at swimming with sharks or wrestling live squid. “I’m a landlubber. Anyone who works at sea has my utmost respect given we have no idea what resides two kilometres below the surface, evolving over eons away from our prying eyes and reality TV cameras.”

Nowhere Atoll is now available from all good eBook retailers, including Amazon & iBooks.

You can like lachlanfyneauthor on Facebook, follow @lachlanfyne on Twitter and catch some Fyne blogs at

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