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Newbie Challenges

GIVIN’ IT A BURL To aid the settling-in process we’ve set ourselves some challenges and would appreciate your input – helping us onto a Mardi Gras float or creating a Sydney-inspired tattoo.

Essentially, if I’m going to become Sydney’s chunkiest cheerleader, I need to know what I’m shaking my pom-poms for. It’s not just a case of having tea at the Sydney Opera House, shooting up Sydney Tower and chasing seagulls on Manly Beach in order to feel like a local. To appreciate the real Sydney I need to take the plunge and strive for full-body immersion.

Culture and sport are at the heart of my journey of discovery and I’d welcome your suggestions and support in nailing these Newbie Challenges:

Short Term:

  • decide what winter sports code…and/or club…we support whole-heartedly
  • play a quintessentially “Sydney” sport
  • take part in a float at the 2011 Mardi Gras
  • find a hotshot editor to make sense of my novel!
  • find Sydney’s best Yum Cha
  • get in behind indoor sports

Longer Term (again, with your help choosing):

  • fall in love with Australian Chardonnay
  • get a Sydney-inspired tattoo
  • find a hotshot theatre director to make sense of my stage show!
  • undertake a death-defying thrill in Sydney
  • raise funds for playground development

All feedback will be warmly received (especially during summer).

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