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Welcome to the home base for all Sydney newcomers…your one-stop independent infotainment guide to the best of Sydney. Our mission is to produce an ongoing guide to thriving in the city that gave the world pre-paid postage, the electronic pacemaker and Google Maps so that moving to Sydney is cruisier…and expats can get on with life. Whether you’re visiting or migrating, settle in and feel right at home as we explore the best Sydney has to offer…while striving to avoid the roadblocks.


Check out INSIDE SYDNEY for fascinating facts on the city and to get a real feel for the place before delving further into the site.

If you are a fellow Newbie or planning to settle in Sydney, please pour through THE ESSENTIALS as it will save you a power of time and, potentially, money. And, hey, CREEPY CRAWLIES might just save your life.

If you are a visitor/holidaymaker/business tripper, check out FAVOURITES for info and links to the best Sydney has to offer or immerse yourself in the featured articles and reviews splashed on the home page.


And DO please ruminate, rank, rave, rate, reveal, rant and respond. This is a fluid, evolving site and all contributions and feedback are genuinely welcomed.

Viva la Sydney!

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