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SEEK…AND STALK TO FIND GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT Show your hunger, lest you go hungry!

You can’t hitch a ride if you don’t put your thumb out and you won’t find employment in Sydney unless you work hard to make things happen. It’s not just a case of having your CV updated and having your Sunday best ready for job interviews, you have to track down the roles and personnel consultants and sell yourself. Pound the pavement, put yourself in the frame, cultivate contacts and build networks.

Working in New South Wales: A Guide for Migrants is a useful guide prepared by the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW, containing contact details and websites as well as info about looking and applying for work, what courses and services can be of help, what is required to work in particular occupations, how to get overseas skills, qualifications and experience accepted and what employees’ rights and responsibilities are:




If you are struggling to find work, check out if you are entitled to government assistance via http://www.australia.gov.au/topics/benefits-payments-and-services

As well as registering on the key websites and keeping an eye on the ‘Positions Vacant’ section of the daily newspapers, sign up with private employment agencies and dial into the Job Seeker Hotline at 13 6268. Registering with the government agencies Centrelink – www.centrelink.gov.au – and Workplace – www.jobnetwork.gov.au – also accesses beneficial services, including the use of facilities at member agencies – phones, copiers, fax machines and computers.

www.australianapprenticeships.gov.au - or call 13 3873


www.jobguide.deewr.gov.au – from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

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