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SCHOOL YOURSELF UP Sydney’s schools and universities are supposed to be top notch with a balance of academic, sporting, cultural and community-related pursuits.

By law, all children in Australia aged between 5 and 15 must be enrolled in school.

www.det.nsw.edu.au – NSW Department of Education and Training

State schools – which include pre-schools, primary and secondary schools – are administered by the NSW Department of Education and Training. The Sydney metropolitan area is divided into four regions coordinating more than 900 schools:

Northern Sydney – www.schools.nsw.edu.au/regions/northern_sydney/

South Western Sydney – www.schools.nsw.edu.au/regions/sthwest_sydney/

Sydney – www.schools.nsw.edu.au/regions/sydney/

Western Sydney – www.schools.nsw.edu.au/regions/western_sydney/

A variety of independent schools can be found at: www.ncisa.edu.au

For a guide to secondary schools, go to: www.schoolchoice.com.au

Do have a gander at www.myschool.com.au but don’t tell any teachers you’re doing it because they can get a bit upset! I’m sorry, that’s a bit harsh. It’s just that a key component of this site that was launched in January 2010 is a table that compares schools’ results in set tests for reading, writing and maths…and while it does then rank schools, critics say it can skew results towards those focusing on these exams, rather than looking at a child’s learning holistically. There’s probably something in that (and the private schools with plenty of $$ will always prevail!), but it’s fun to browse and compare regardless.


Check out tertiary education advice via: //www.gooduniguide.com.au/

Sydney was the site of Australia’s first university, the University of Sydney, established in 1850. There are five other public universities with their main campus in Sydney:

www.unsw.edu.au – the University of New South Wales

www.mq.edu.au – Macquarie University

www.uts.edu.au – the University of Technology, Sydney

www.uws.edu.au – University of Western Sydney

www.acu.edu.au – Australian Catholic University (two out of six campuses)

Operating secondary campuses in Sydney are:

www.nd.edu.au – University of Notre Dame Australia

www.uow.edu.au – University of Wollongong

Four multi-campus Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes in Sydney – www.tafensw.adu.au – provide vocational training at a tertiary level:

www.sit.nsw.edu.au – Sydney Institute of Technology

www.nsi.tafensw.edu.au – North Sydney Institute of TAFE

www.wsi.tafensw.edu.au – Western Sydney Institute of TAFE

www.swsi.tafensw.edu.au – South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE


2010 Public Holidays – NSW

New Year’s Day – 1 January (Friday)

Australia Day – 26 January (Tuesday)

Good Friday – 2 April

Easter Monday – 5 April

Anzac Day – 26 April (Monday)

Queen’s Birthday – 14 June (Monday)

Bank Holiday – 2 August (Monday)

Labour Day – 4 October (Monday)

Christmas Day – 25 December (Saturday)

Boxing Day – 26 December (Sunday)

2010 School Terms (NSW):

Term 1 – 27 January until 1 April

Term 2 – 19 April until 2 July

Term 3 – 19 July until 24 September

Term 4 – 11 October until 17 December

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