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Creepy Crawlies

PREDATORS VS SYDNEY NEWBIES You have to admire a country where gardening is an extreme sport and essential camping equipment includes a copy of Bindi – Jungle Girl.

Where I come from, I can climb trees and not come face to face with a snake. I can also grope around in the bushes or pee (am I allowed to say piss here in Sydney?) in a burrow without fear of being chomped or poisoned.

Out to sea, the only nets in evidence are to harvest a meal…not to ward off killer barbs, beaks, suckers, teeth and tentacles.

Therefore, the prospect of shifting to a city with deadly spiders, sharks and snakes is a bit like entering a war zone without equipment or knowledge.

So here’s a start! http://www.faunanet.gov.au/wos/factfile.cfm?Fact_ID=84 – the notorious Funnel-web spider thanks to Australian Museum online. Just a quick click on the ‘animal’ link will have you poised to learn more about all the locals, including sharks and snakes.

Top tips:

  • Shake out shoes and gumboots left outside before you put them on (just in case a creepy crawlie critter has converted your toe room into a bedroom)
  • Don’t swim in murky waters, especially at night, dusk and dawn when sharks are most active
  • Don’t frolic in large piles of autumn leaves because they’re a favourite haunt for snakes
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